Meet your Massage Therapist

Hello! My name is Rainie Lewis.

In 1979 I was involved in a severe car accident and was badly injured. My healing process involved not only traditional medical healing, but also led me down the path of Yoga, Tai Chi and Massage Therapy. Amazed that Massage Therapy and Bodywork eliminated my pain and sciatica of 4 years, I wanted to learn more.

I began to explore the multifaceted field of massage techniques used for healing by taking practitioner courses. In 1991 I graduated from a San Diego, CA massage school with a 1000 hour diploma. This particular school was founded by a Rolfer and taught Myofacial Release which soon became my specialty and my passion and remains so to this day!

Because of my past history I have been on both sides of the table. I know what it is like to be in constant pain and not able to function normally. Over the years I have added many techniques and methodologies to my toolkit of skills. As a result I am able to customize each session to meet my clients unique needs.

I took my first massage class in 1980 and after 30 plus years as a massage therapist in a variety of settings – I still LOVE my work! My mission continues to be to help each of my clients relieve their pain, reduce their stress, improve their health and enjoy a better quality of life.

Licensed and insured in the state of Florida since 1991.

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